Our Hospital

The Stittsville Small Animal Clinic is a veterinary hospital accredited by the College of Veterinarians of Ontario, to provide veterinary services to dogs and cats.

Our small premise and team welcomes existing and new clients alike to assist you with your pet’s health and wellbeing.

We aim to optimize our patients’ wellbeing through timely preventative healthcare treatment and advice. We provide medical, surgical and dental services as required, for each individual patient.

We aim to assist our patients’ caregivers by providing them with most current medical information and treatment options as well as emotional support during difficult times.

Some history about our clinic….

The Stittsville Small Animal Clinic (SSAC) was the first veterinary hospital in Stittsville having been established in May 1979. It was founded by Dr. Jacqui Randall and Dr. Bev Coote.

The clinic name was chosen to reflect the fact that the hospital would only provide care for dogs and cats, thus excluding large (farm) animals.

In 1985, the clinic moved to its current location at 1648 Stittsville Main Street (opposite the library and firehall). The building was purpose designed and built as a small animal hospital. Since 1985, there have been many  ongoing upgrades and equipment purchases to keep up with the rapid advances occurring in veterinary science.

Dr. Victoria Bennett, initially an associate at the practice, purchased the clinic in two stages as the founding veterinarians retired in 2002 (Dr. Bev Coote) and 2005 (Dr. Jacqui Randall).  In 2005, upon the retirement of Dr Jacqueline Randall, Dr. Bennett was very pleased to announce the continued Randall family involvement in the business by employing the next generation – Dr. Adrienne Randall as an associate veterinarian (she is sometimes referred to as “the younger Dr Randall”!).  Dr. Randall moved away in the Fall of 2011 and returned as a part time locum (commuting from Kingston!) from 2014-6.

In 2008, Dr. Catherine MacKinnon was employed as the second associate veterinarian to join the team. She brings her expertise and experience (having owned her own clinic in Nova Scotia) and is a very welcomed addition to the team.

In May 2016,  Dr. Victoria Bennett sold the clinic to the current owners Dr. Erica Gallagher and Dr. Ann McKenna.

Please explore this website to find out more about us or stop by to meet us in person.

Our Patients:

  • Dogs
  • Cats