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Puppy Socialization

Puppies have a short period in their development between eight weeks and three-four months of age that is very important for proper socialization. This time in their life they are most receptive to meeting new people, new places and new things and during this time we have the opportunity to establish positive exposure to everyday things. Puppies should be exposed to one hundred people before they are twelve weeks of age, especially men and children. At the same time of this exposure we must balance the risk of exposure to infectious disease. Puppy classes are an excellent safe way to achieve this level of exposure and prevent all those fearful behaviours from the beginning.

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Kitten Socialization

Kitten’s socialization period is much shorter than dogs and usually ends at about the time that you are adopting your kitten (8-9 weeks of age). It is during this period that exposure to things with positive reinforcement helps kittens better adapt to all possible changes that may occur in the family home and setting the stage for a lifetime without fear of noise, people, places and experiences.For information on cat behaviour visit our Cat Lovers page.

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