The Stittsville Small Animal Clinic has recently purchased an ultrasound machine. Dr. Gallagher has several years of experience with abdominal ultrasound. All images taken will be sent to certified radiologist for a full review and this report will be faxed on to the clinic, often within 12 hours.

Ultrasound is a safe (no radiation is used), noninvasive and non-painful procedure that does not require anesthesia and very seldom will require sedation. Compared to traditional radiographs, ultrasound can provide more information with regards to the architecture of internal organs, as a 3 dimensional view is obtained. Ultrasound also provides video clips showing organs and blood flow in real time. It is a better diagnostic tool for bladder stones, as some do not appear on a radiograph. It can detect pregnancy earlier than x-rays (as early as 3 weeks) and also allows us to determine the viability of the fetus. It can also identify thickening of the intestinal tract wall and help localize the affected area. It can help identify a tumor and more precisely locate its origin.

We feel that this kind of imaging is a step forward in being able to offer the best medicine for your pet. If you have any questions, please contact us.