Canned vs. Dry Food

Cats can be finicky eaters; that’s why choosing a cat food is so important. The cat food chosen needs to be well-balanced with proper nutrients and most of all, needs to be palatable. Veterinarians recommend canned food because it is better for the overall health of your cat. By providing wet food to your cat, this lessens the chance of your cat getting diabetes, becoming overweight, contracting kidney problems and/or urinary crystals or stones. Cats don’t have a very strong thirst drive and tend to be finicky about drinking water. Canned foods contain at least 75% water, making canned food a great option for your cat.

In terms of oral health, a dry food can be beneficial as well. Dry kibble when chewed provides a mechanical action that helps break off the plaque buildup; however not all dry food provides this mechanical ‘brushing’ action. A ‘dental’ or ‘oral care’ dry food is recommended as these foods provide special enzymes inside the kibble that when chewed they mix with the animals saliva to help break down tartar and plaque buildup.

Adding both wet and dry food to your cat’s diet makes for one healthy satisfied feline. Click here on more information on How to Feed Your Cat