Here are some of our very own success stories!

Meet Timmy, he is owned by our Office Manager….at the age of 3 he was already starting to show signs of plaque and tartar on his back teeth…Natasha elected to have a quick scale and polish done. He was then put on a personalized ‘Home Care Plan’ of a veterinary dental diet, with his regular vet checkups this little guy will hopefully be saved from a BIG future dental later in life.



 Meet ‘Daisy’ at the age of 6 she was already starting to show signs of quite moderate periodontitis with significant plaque and tartar on her teeth. At this stage she ended up with 2 extractions and quite a cleaning!
But a great long term prognosis was given for ‘Daisy’ as she follows up with her ‘home care plan’ by feeding a veterinary dental diet and monitoring on her annual visits. Brushing her teeth 2-3 times a week would be a great compliment to her plan!